How to Monetize Pinterest Account

How to Monetize Pinterest Account – A to Z Guide

Do you want to know how to monetize Pinterest account? So you are in the right place. You will find out all steps that you need to monetize Pinterest account.

Is it Easy to Monetize Pinterest Account?


The simple answer is yes. There have a lot of reasons that you can use Pinterest to promote your products or get traffic for affiliate link or website.

First of all, Pinterest is a Search engine like Google. So only you have to optimize your pins and grow the account. Then you will get high-quality targeted traffic and sales from Pinterest traffic.

You can grab the targeted audience using Pinterest because people search for things that they want on Pinterest, so if you create a niche-targeted account and give solution to those people. You will able to monetize Pinterest without doing a lot of works.

Most people don’t promote products or affiliate links on interest. Pinterest does not allow to sharing affiliate links. So everyone tries to create pins and get traffic to their websites or blogs. Instead, monetize Pinterest account.

So there has low competition when you try to promote something on Pinterest. So this is the time to build a huge audience around your account.

Those are the main reasons that understand to why you should monetize Pinterest account. Feel free to read the full article. I will show you how to monetize Pinterest account.

Tip to Create a Pinterest Account

There have a few things you must follow when you create a Pinterest account.

Convert to a business account

If you currently have a Pinterest account or you create a Pinterest business account, convert it to the Pinterest business account. Check this article to find out how to create a Pinterest business account.

When you convert your account to a business account, you will get the Pinterest analytics page. So you can find the behavior of your account using that page.

How to Monetize Pinterest Account - Pinterest analytics

Create a niche-targeted Pinterest account

You have to niche down and manage your Pinterest account according to your niche. So you can grab targeted audience around your niche.

It will easy to grab followers who interested in your niche. As an example, if you create an account around the keto diet. You will share only keto diet-related pins. So you will grab people who interested in the keto diet.

Don’t add personal details.

Also, when you add the name to your account, don’t add your personal name or name that not related to your niche. There have few benefits when you use a name that related to your niche.

  • Help to optimize the SEO of your page
  • People will understand about your account type
  • it looks professional

Also, don’t add personal details on the description. Add keywords that related to your niche and use description to give a clear understanding of your page to visitors.

Arrange Pinterest Account

How to Monetize Pinterest Account - create Pinterest board

When you create an account that related to a single niche, you can arrange your account using “boards”. In other words, you can create a place to add pins of sub-niches in the main niche.

As an example,

There have a lot of sub-niches or keto diet niche.

  • Keto breakfast recipes
  • Keto lunch recipes
  • Keto dinner recipes
  • Keto juice
  • Keto benefits
  • Keto Success story

There have a lot of sub-niches. So you can add those sub-niches as boards of your account. So you can separate those sub-niches, and it will improve the professional look of your account.

You can add a description to those boards. So in that description, you will able to add keywords. So that will help to SEO on your page.

Create & Post Pinterest Pins

You don’t need to learn design software like Photoshop to create pins. You can use Canva website to create pins for free. There have a lot of pre-built designs.

So you can use those design and add your text. You will able to create an awesome design within 2-3 minutes. You can save the same design and change the text to create pins. That will so easy to create engaging and professional looking pins without design skills.

If you are a designer, you can use Photoshop or any other software to create pins.

After you create pins, you have to post those pins to your account. So when you post those pins. You can add title, description and URL. Also, you can choose the board that you need to upload that pin.

Always add keywords to title and description when you post the pins. Then if someone searches the pin and they will click the link to find more information.

Tips to Grow Pinterest Account Fast

How to Become a Content Creator

You must have traffic to monetize your Pinterest account. So there has a very easy way to grow your Pinterest account. You don’t need to follow people to grow your Pinterest account. But you have to add 25-40 pins per day.

So it looks like impossible to do. But I have good news. You don’t need to upload your own 25-40 pins. You can re-pin other people’s pin to your boards.

So you don’t need to do a lot of works. Only you have to re-pin other people content to your account. As an example,

You can search a keto diet on interest and find keto diet-related pins. When you hover that pin, you will find save button. Only you have to choose the board and click the save button.

Also, you have to add your own 2-3 pins to account. Because you need the traffic to your link, so you can create pins and add links to those pins.

How to Monetize Pinterest Account

When you keep pin and re-pin, you will grow your account. So now the question is how to monetize Pinterest account. There have few ways to monetize Pinterest account.

Affiliate Marketing

You can’t directly add affiliate link on your pins. It has booths good and bad side. But let’s talk about the good side. People do not try to promote affiliate product on Pinterest because they don’t know about landing page or they don’t like to spend some money to create a landing page.

So this is your opportunity. You can create a landing page and add the button with an affiliate link on that landing page. That means. People will come to your landing page and check the details. After that, if they interested, they will click that button and buy the affiliate product.

So that is the easiest and profitable way to monetize interest account. Also, you can build an email list. Only you have to give an eBook or some digital product for free. And grab the email. You need a landing page and free item to do this.

So when you build an email list, you can use that email list to promote the product via emails.


You can start a niche related blog and send traffic from Pinterest. So when you have quality article and professional blog, you can get Google AdSense to your blog. Also, you can promote affiliate product on your page.

So Pinterest traffic will help to get sales and niche targeted visitors to your website.

Send traffic to promote your products or service.

How to Make $200 a Day

You can build your own brand and get targeted traffic to that brand using Pinterest. You can drive targeted traffic to your product or service using Pinterest.

As an example, if you do online counselling, you can create a profile to introduce your brand or service, then you can drive traffic to that page using Pinterest.

So you will get highly targeted people who interested in your online counselling.

If you run an online merchandising business, you can drive traffic to that page using Pinterest.

Those are the main ways to monetize Pinterest. Most of the ways you will not get paid directly from Pinterest. But building an audience around your other businesses is a more powerful way to make passive income.

Avoid Below Mistakes with Your Pinterest Account.

There have a few things you must never do when you run your Pinterest account. Those are,

  • Do not direct message to people and try to promote your links. 99% times Pinterest will ban your account.
  • Do not add only your website URL to every pin. It shows like you spamming.
  • Also, don’t pin any spamming content to your account
  • Don’t be rash to build your account slowly.
  • Don’t add the same pin again and again in a short period. You can. add old pins after one tow months

Mainly avoid those things, and you will save your account and see the result over time.

Automate Your Pinterest Account

This is a small tip. You can automate your Pinterest account using the application. There has a feature call schedule pin in that software. So you can schedule your pins for months using this application.

Then you don’t need to worry about add five pins daily. You can schedule it in one day. If you interest in this app let me know in the comment section. I will make a video.

Conclusion of How to Monetize Pinterest Account

So this is the complete guide about How to Monetize Pinterest Account. I hope you get valuable information in this article. Feel free to add your comment below. Also, check “Free Traffic for Affiliate Links – Six Free Traffic Sources” to find more monetize methods. Also, I talk a few things about Pinterest in that article. (I didn’t mention those things on this article)

It is really easy to grow and monetize Pinterest account. So don’t wait, start today and let it grow organically. You will see the result within 6-7 months.

So thank you for reading. Feel free to read my online money articles. I will see you next time.

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