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Why You Must Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins?

A lot of people don’t like to pay for WordPress themes and plugin. So they use Nulled WordPress themes and plugins. But the issue is Nulled WordPress themes safe to use?

This is not only related to WordPress themes and plugin. Also, there has a lot of null scripts software that people use without paying for that software.

So here, you will find the answer to why you must avoid Nulled WordPress themes and null scripts.

What is a Nulled Script?What is a Nulled Script

First of all, let’s get a clear understanding of the Nulled script. There has a lot of software. So we have to buy some of that software to use it. So when you buy that software, you will get registration key or product key.

That means you have to add that key after you install the software. Then you will able to use that software with full access.

But people try to use that software for free. That means they will not get the activation key even they download the software. Some people change the script and crack the production key verification and give it to free. That means, it becomes null scripted software. A lot of people use torrent to download this nulled script software.

People do this same thing to paid WordPress themes and plugins. That means you can use a paid WordPress theme or plugin for free. But there have a lot of issues with this Nulled software.

How to identify a Nulled theme or plugin?

There has no specific way to identify the Nulled script.

If you are the developer of your website, you know how you download the theme and plugin. If you download it using the “Nulled” word, that is definitely a nulled script.

If you are the owner of your website and someone develops a website for you and if there has any kind of paid theme or plugin, ask the product key of that plugin or theme. If there has a valid key, your developer did not use the Nulled item.

Also, when you install some paid software, and you get all features without add any kind of activation key, that software may be a Nulled time.

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What are the main issues with Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins?

Nulled themes or plugin are illegal

Those original themes and plugins have owners, and those owners have rights about their products. So if you use any software that edited without their permission, they can get legal actions in the Intellectual Property act.

If you use any Nulled product online, purchases it, and removes that Nulled script from your website. If owners of those products get legal action against you, you will lose a lot of money.

Nulled Script Effect to Your Website Security and Privacy

nulled wordpress themes

Regular WordPress developer or website owner can’t crack the WordPress theme or plugin script. If someone wants to do it, that person needs programming knowledge. Those kinds of work can do by knowledgeable people.

Also, they don’t waste their time to make those changes. So they will get a lot of benefits by making Nulled theme or plugin.

Add JavaScript code

That developer may add JavaScript code to that theme or plugin when they make changes to the script when you install that theme to your website, that JavaScript code will run on your website.

Most of the time, those people use JavaScript code to run bitcoin mining scripts. That means your web server resources use for bitcoin mining without you know about that.

But the real issue is, some virus guards identify that kind of website as a virus or malware-infected website. So your website will be blocked by those kinds of virus guards.

Use your website to build backlinks and traffic

Those Nulled theme or plugin owners will use your website to improve the SEO status of their websites. So they will add the script to generate backlinks and traffic to their website.

For example, if someone visits your website, that visitor will redirect to another website within 15-20 seconds.

They will able to access your website using those scripts so that they will get real benefits from your website.

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Grab personal data

Also, those developers will able to steal personal data from your website visitors. They will not be able to steal credit card information. Because those transactions are done by third party payment gateway software, but they can steal personal information like name, address, email address of your website visitors.

Also, those developers will able to spread malware or virus on your website. Those developers are really smart people. So they never run malware if you have a small amount of traffic. But when your traffic increase, those scripts will automatically run and spread the malware,

This malware may be a “.RAR” file or JavaScript code, Also it may be a small extension that can automatically install to the web browser.

It will depend on their opinion.

Affect to website quality

nulled wordpress themes

There has a feature with Google called “Google Safe Browsing.” So this system always checks your website content. If they found any kind of malware or issue with your content, it will affect your website SEO. It will show a red color error message when someone tries to go inside your website.

Because all web browser gets information from Google, if Google marks your website as spam, all browsers will block your website.

Also, WordPress themes and plugins are builds using PHP and JavaScript.

So those developers can add any codes to that script. if there has a script with an infinity loop (as an example, do the same thing again and again until your website stuck). It will overuse the resources of your web hosting within a few minutes.

That means if you have a shared web server, other user’s websites will be down because of that script.

So your website and web hosting will be banned by that web hosting provider because you violate their team and service.

Malware infection to your computer

When you download the Nulled theme to your PC or laptop, most of the Nulled theme and plugin compressed in “.RAR” format. So you can unzip it in the Linux server or any other webserver. If it comes with “.ZIP” file you can unzip it using Linux or webserver.

But if it “.RAR”, you can only extract it on your computer using software likes WinRAR. That means if there has any virus or malware, it will spread to your computer. If it affected your computer, you have to deal with those viruses.

So finally, I have to say, never use the Nulled theme or plugin with your website, because it will affect you legally, and you will not get real benefits from your website. I hope you get valuable information in this article. Thank you for reading. Feel free to read my other articles. I will see you next time.

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