Free Traffic for Affiliate Links

Free Traffic for Affiliate Links – Six Free Traffic Sources

Affiliate marketing is one of the easy and best ways to make money online. But finding users and promote affiliate products is the biggest issue. Here, I will shear how to get free traffic for affiliate links.

I will give six best free traffic sources. So use those free traffic sources and earn affiliate money while building your brand.


Instagram is my favorite and best free traffic source. You can build a huge Instagram audience within one month. Only you need to stay consistent. Also, you can promote your affiliate link directly with Instagram.

How to get Free Traffic for Affiliate Links Using Instagram

There has a couple of ways to promote your affiliate links and drive free traffic to affiliate products using Instagram.

01. Share Affiliate link on profile.

instagram affiliate marketing

When you create an Instagram account, there has a place to add your website URL. So you can place your affiliate link directly in that place. But I suggest building a landing page and adding that landing page URL in that place.

Because we don’t own Instagram, we only create an Instagram account. So if they change their policies in the future and not allow to share affiliate link directly on Instagram, also if the suspend accounts which already share affiliate links, you will lose your account.

So the best method is, create a landing page and share that link on Instagram. Feel free to watch Affiliate Landing page YouTube playlist to learn A-Z about create a landing page for affiliate marketing.

02. Share affiliate link as a Story

When you get 10000 followers on Instagram, you will able to add links to your stories. So that is a huge advantage. You can share your link on that the story.

Only you have to post an eye-catching story and put the affiliate link.

03. Mention about affiliate product on description

When you upload posts to Instagram, you can add a description. So you can mention your product in this description, but you can’t add your link directly on the description.

As example,

You promote keto diet precipices affiliate products. So you can add text on the description like,

I eat well and loss weight within 2 months. Want to know about those keto diet recipes that helped me to achieve it? Check out the link in my bio

Tips to grow the Instagram account.

How to Make $200 a Day

As I told before, you can grow your Instagram account fast. I will give you the best ways to grow followers of your Instagram account.

Upload Daily

You have to upload a post to your account daily basis. Add three posts per day. And update your story.

Do not try to add more like 6-9 post for the day. If you add too much post, It will become annoying your followers.

Also, upload viral content. Feel free to check this video about making an Instagram viral post to get free traffic.

Follow to follow method.

You have to follow other people to increase your follower count. There have a few conditions you should apply when you try to follow other people.

  • Find other Instagram accounts related to your niche.
  • Go to their latest post and follow the people who like that post.
  • Do not follow more than 20 people within one hour. If you follow more than 20-30, you will get a warning message. And sometimes, your account will be suspended.

Apply those techniques and do the Follow to follow method. You will see instant results.

Add hashtags

Instagram Add hashtags

The hashtag is a crucial fact to viral posts. So add at least 15 hashtags per post. You can get those hashtags from other accounts.

Try to do those things and you will see the results. Also, feel free to read my article about How to make $200 a Day with Instagram – Free Method . in this post, you will get more idea about Instagram.

Cons about Instagram

You have to update your Instagram profile daily. Other than that, you will not get Free Traffic for Affiliate Links from Instagram. Because Instagram update really fast. So your post will older within a short time period. That is the only issue with Instagram.


youtube free traffic Sources

YouTube is another best free traffic source that can use to drive targeted traffic. You can explain your product In the YouTube video. So viewers get an idea about the product, and they will buy if they get valuable information from your video.

How to get Free Traffic for Affiliate Links Using YouTube

Do review about the affiliate product

The best way is, do a review about the affiliate product and put the link on the description of the video.

So you can buy this affiliate product and use it for a few weeks so moths, after that you can tell your experience about that product with your audience.

Mention abut affiliate link on video. If your viewers interested in the product, they will buy using your affiliate link.

Also, if you don’t like to show your face or share your experience on video, you can find images about the product and create video putting those images and text on video. There have tools to do that work.

I will create a video on my YouTube channel about this topic

Put the link on description

You can put any kind of link on YouTube description. So you can write a little bit about the product and place your affiliate link.

Most of the users read the description, so if the interested, they will buy from your link.

How to get views to the YouTube channel

There have a few successful ways to get pictures and subscribers. You must have patience too. 🙂

Create engaging content

If you can create engaging content, there has a high possibility of getting views and increase watch time. When people are engaging with your content, YouTube will promote your content.

That means you will get more views and subscribers.

Also, try to create a niche-targeted YouTube account. That way, your audience will stay with your content.

Ask people to subscribe, comment, share and like

How to get Free Traffic for Affiliate Links Using YouTube

Always ask people to subscribe at the beginning and end of the video because most of the views forget to subscribe.

Also, ask them to comment like and share the video. This is the best way to build an audience and get more views.

Share your video on other social media accounts.

You can share your video on places like Facebook groups, Instagram account, Reddit, Skype, and other places. This way, you will get views on your account.

If your YouTube channel is new, this will affect you to grow the account.

Be consistent

You must be consistent with your video creating and uploading. At least upload 5-7 times per week. If you are new, you must upload daily to see the results.

Upload Custom thumbnail

Upload Custom thumbnail

Most of the beginners don’t upload a custom thumbnail. Thumbnail is playing a huge part. Because the viewer shows the thumbnail before they click your video. So you must upload a custom thumbnail.

Also, you have to make an eye-catching thumbnail.

Do SEO and Add tags

YouTube is a search engine, so you have to SEO your video title and description.

Also, you have to add the keyword as tags to your video when it uploads. Those tags are working like keywords. So if someone searches on YouTube with tags that you use to your video, your video will show on the result page.

Also, you have to update SEO friendly content to about page of your YouTube channel.

When you create a playlist, add keywords to the description of the playlist.

you can use software like the video to find keywords

Pros about YouTube

  • Create highly targeted and engaging content
  • Explain and review about affiliate products
  • YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.
  • Your video never dies. If someone searches it on YouTube in a few years from now. your video will come up on search results
  • You can monetize your video when you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours

Cons about YouTube

It takes time to get views and subscribers on YouTube. Most of the beginners quit within a few months.



Pinterest is the best place to promote affiliate products. It is an image search engine. So if you upload pins with good content. You will get hits for your landing page. It is another best free traffic source to get affiliate sales.

How to get Free Traffic for Affiliate Links Using Pinterest

You can’t directly put your affiliate link on Pinterest. So you must have a landing page.

Claim website

How to get Free Traffic for Affiliate Links Using Pinterest

You can add your website domain to your Pinterest profile. To do that you have to go to

Edit settings -> edit profile -> claim -> add your website.

Then you will get HTML code. So you have to put it on your website and verify the account. So when someone checks your profile, he/she can go to the website using that link.

Add pins with links

You can create beautiful pins then upload them to Pinterest. So there ha place to add title, description, and link. So you can add a website link on those pins. That means people can come directly to your landing page when they click on your pin.

How to grow a Pinterest account?

There have two best ways to grow the Pinterest account and generate free traffic. I will explain everything you need to do.

SEO your boards and pins

As I told before, Pinterest is a search engine. So you need to add keywords to your,

  • profile name
  • profile description
  • board name
  • board description
  • pin title
  • pin description

When you create SEO optimized profile, it will rank top on the Pinterest search engine. Also, do not add your name to the account. Try to add keywords to your profile name. You have to create a business Pinterest account to get a real advantage on it.

As example,

If your name is Tom Mosby, and your inch is fitness, don’t add your name as profile title add like

Best Free Home Workouts Tip by Mosby

When you do this, it will help viewers to find your account. Always try to do SEO in your account.

Add pins and re-pin

You must stay consistent with Pinterest. So you have to add 15-20 pins per day to your account.

I know it sounds like a lot of work. But there has a short way to do it. That is,

You can re-pin other people’s pin to your board. So that means you can add pins to your account within ten minutes.

Also, you have to add your own two pins per day. You need the traffic to your pin. So you have to add your link.

I will create an in-depth video on my YouTube channel.

Do this for a month you will grab a lot of attention to your Pinterest account

Pros about Pinterest

social media benefits of branding

There have high chances to sell your product to the Pinterest user. They try to find a solution on Pinterest. So if you give the right product, they will buy your product.

No need to follow other people to get views. If you optimize your content, you will get followers and views.

Most of the people do not promote their affiliate links on Pinterest. So if you create a landing page and promote your product, there has a high chance of buying your product.

Cons about Pinterest

You can’t directly add affiliate links. You must have landing page

if you do any kind of spam work like, share links on the direct message, add a useless website, your account will be banned and you will be lost all traffic


How to get Free Traffic for Affiliate Links Using Quora

Quora is a great place to grab high quality targeted traffic. In Quora, people ask questions, so you can give a valuable and useful answer to them and share your affiliate links.

How to get Free Traffic for Affiliate Links Using Quora

As I told before, you have to answer the questions. So if your answer is valuable and useful, people will up vote and share your answer. That means it goes viral, and you grab a lot of hits to the affiliate link.

Also, those people are looking for the answer to their question. So if your affiliate product has that answer, they will buy it.

Cons about Quora

You have to write a long and valuable article to get attention from Quora viewers. So you have to spend time on creating that content. That is the biggest issue with Quora.

You can add a small explanation with your link, but it not effective.

Facebook groups


Facebook has real power to drive free traffic to affiliate links. I will share the best way to get free traffic from Facebook group.

How to get Free Traffic for Affiliate Links Using Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, you can easily create a Facebook group. So in that Facebook group, you can create a post with your affiliate link, and you can make that post as announcement.

That means your post will be pin on the top of your group. So people will check the description and click on your affiliate link.

How to grow the Facebook group

There have a few things that you can build a huge audience on the Facebook group.

Create engaging FB group.

We create Facebook groups for share quotes, experience and questions. So other group members will engage with that content. Also, you have to engage with the group member’s post.

So your group topic or niche is really important. You need to have an engaging group. So if you create a group with the low engaging niche, you will not get 100% result on that group.

So do your studies to pick a niche and create the group. You can get an idea from other groups and find a high engaging group.

Join with other groups

How to get Free Traffic for Affiliate Links Using Facebook

You have to find groups that related to your niche and join with those groups.

Then add some post on that group and engage with those group members, so when you give value to that page, people will look about your profile and DM for you. So you can mention your group to those people.

Also, you can share invite post on those group. Some groups will not approve your post. But don’t worry, you can find more group related to your niche and post to join with your group.

Create Facebook Page

You can create a Facebook page related to your group. Then you can mention your group on that page. Also, you can share the post for your page on those groups. And members will like your page.

Also, you can share an affiliate link on your page.

Invite members

You can invite your friends to like your group. So if they interested in your niche, they will join your group.

Share your group link on other social media accountFacebook - free traffic sources

You can share your group link on other places like interest, YouTube, Instagram, credit. And ask them to join and engage with your group.

Pros about the Facebook group

You grab the targeted audience and build an engaging group. And it will help to build trust and do affiliate marketing. So the Facebook group is the best traffic that you can get sales.

Also, you can make any changes to the group. You are the owner of that group.

Cons about Facebook group

You will not get massive traffic on the Facebook group. If you have a group with 10k members, you will only get around 100-200 engagement per day. So that is a really low number when compared to other free traffic sources.


So those are the best free traffic for affiliate links. Try to focus on one traffic source and build it for three months. I guaranteed you would get traffic and sell your affiliate products.

I hope you get useful information in this article. Thank you for reading. Feel free to read my other online money articles. I will see you next time.

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