Realistic Income From Stock Photography

Realistic Income From Stock Photography | Beginner Friendly Method

I am going to show one way to make a realistic income from stock photography. This is a beginner-friendly method, and you will create passive income by selling stock footage.

I am going to show one way to make a realistic income from stock photography. Not only that, but I will also cover how to sell footage and vectors without doing any hard work.

This is a beginner-friendly method, and you will create passive income by selling stock photos and footage.

Guide to make a realistic income from stock photography

Realistic Income From Stock Photography

How to get stock photos/footage to sell?

If you are going to sell an image or video, you must have your own video or picture. So there have few ways to get stock footage.

Easy way to get photos and video

If you have a DSLR camera or video recorder, you can get professional photos and videos. That is the best way to get high-quality images. But most of you guys don’t have a camera.

So you can use your smartphone. 90% of you have a smartphone. And the new smartphone has a high-quality camera. So you can get footage of your town, village, naturistic places, or any object around you.

Everything has value, so if you saw someplace or object that most people unable to reach, get a photo and upload it. If someone interested in that image, that person will buy it.

Unfortunately, If you don’t have a smartphone too, you can create Vector and PSD templates to sell. So this is the best thing that you can do. Only you need knowledge about design and image concepts. So don’t worry about the mobile phone or camera to try to create a vector. It has a huge demand.

Benefits of sell stock photos/footage

Benefits of stock photos

There have a lot of benefits from stock photography.

  • You will able to generate realistic income from stock photography.
  • You don’t need to contact customers and manage the order. only you have to do is, upload good and quality image
  • You don’t need to promote your account. Those websites will promote your account. Only you have to add keywords and titles.
  • Only you have to work at one time, and that work will generate consistent income.
  • Don’t need to spend money to create an account and manage.

Those are the key benefit of stock photography.

Places to sell stock photos

There have a few places that you can sell your photos, vectors, and videos. The most popular place is Shutterstock.

You can be Shutterstock contributor and make a passive and realistic income from stock photography.

In Shutterstock, you can submit photos that you capture from your smartphone or camera. Also, you can submit videos.

Not only that, you can also submit vector files. So if you are a beginner, I suggest you start with shutter stock.

What are the other websites like Shutterstock?

As I told before, there have a few other websites that help you to make a realistic Income From Stock Photography. Those are,

  • Adobe Stock
  • Alamy
  • EyeEm
  • Getty Images
  • Dreamstime
  • iStock
  • Stocksy

Those are the website that you can earn money from Stock Photography and vectors. So feel free to check those websites and make passive income. Also, you can upload the same stock photo/footage to different platforms. So that is a huge advantage.

I will make a video about creating a Shutterstock contributor account on my YouTube channel. Do not wait for it. You can go to submit.shutterstock.com. And go through the process.

How much can I make with stock photos?

How to Make $200 a Day

You will get a small percentage or commission based on the platform that you sell photos.

Also, it depends on how many photos you upload and the quality of those stock photos. Also, you have to upload photos of popular and common places or objects.

If no one knows about the place or subject of your photo, users will not buy those photos.

Feel free to check the earnings schedule of Shutterstock. You will able to get a brief idea about how much you can earn with stock photography.

Things to know before sell stock photos/footage

There have a couple of things you must know before selling any stock photos or footage on any kind of platform. I will list down all of those things.

  • If you are not modal, don’t upload your images because people can download that image and upload it in various places.
  • You may reject for few times, but don’t give up keep upload quality image until they approve your image.
  • If you get any error message, search it on Google. You will find the answer.
  • Do not add any watermark to any images
  • Upload valuable and popular stock photos

Those are the things that you must consider before upload.

Also, I didn’t get any sales on my Shutterstock account for three months. It is nature. So keep upload and complete your profile until 100%. When you upload photos, Add maximum tags and be patient.

Also, you can make money on the referral programs on those platforms. Give a try.

So this is the way to make a realistic income from stock photography and designs. I hope you get valuable information in this article. Thank you for reading. Feel free to check my other make money online article. I will see in the next post.

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