Guide to Select Suitable & Profitable Niches - List of Niches & Niche Ideas

Guide to Select Suitable & Profitable Niches – List of Niches & Niche Ideas

I’ll show you the list of niches you must try when you start your blog. If you want to make money by blogging, you have to choose profitable niches. So I will give you A to Z guide to get niche ideas.

If you are new to blogging, I highly suggest you read this article.

What is a niche website?

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Niche means a specific topic. So niche website is a website or blog that build around a specific topic.

As example,

There have niches like,

  • Health niche
  • Love and relationship niche
  • Pets niche

And etc. Also, there has a sub-topic that related to the main topic. In other words, there have sub-niches that build around the main niche.

  • Weight loss
  • Skincare
  • Hair loses
  • Body pain

Those are some of the sub-niches of the health niche. So you can pick a niche and create articles for your blog.

Why should I choose a niche?

There has a lot of reason to choose a niche when you create your blog.

Get targeted audience around your blog.

You can get traffic to your blog when you pick one niche for your blog. If you have multiple niches in the same blog, you will not be able to get a target audience for your blog. So visitors will not come to your website for the second time.

Easy to promote affiliate products

You will get a target audience when your website builds with a niche. If you add an affiliate link or any other product that related to your niche, you will get sales. You have a niche-targeted audience. As example,

You create a blog around a health niche. So most of your website visitors have some kind of health issue, or they try to find a solution on your website. It means you have health niche targeted audience. So you can promote products related to health.

Google will trust your blog

When you write an article related to one niche. Google will trust your website content, and it will help to rank on the Google search result.

Drive traffic from social media

As I told before you can target people when you create a blog around a niche. Also, you can create niche related social media account like, Facebook page, group, interest, Instagram.

So when you add post and videos to those accounts, people will gather around your social media account.Those people are interested in your selected niche. So you will get traffic if you do some promotion on those accounts.

But if you create social media account for the random topic, you will not get targeted visitors. And, most of them will not like your blog.

Also, your blog bounce rate will lower. Your website visitors will love to read your content. check my article of Free Traffic for Affiliate Links – Six Free Traffic Sources article to find out best free social media traffic sources.

What should consider before choosing a niche?

Your passion

You have to understand, make online money via blogging is not a short journey. You have to work for at least six months to make a good amount of money. So you must have a passion for your niche.

If you pick the most profitable niches to make money, you will not stay constant with that niche. You will not see money within 2-3 months. So you will give up.

But if you choose a niche that you fashion about, you will stay consistent and keep writing articles. You love to write an article about that topic. It is your fashion, and you are interested in that topic.

So you will keep upload article even you not make any sense.

So passion is really important when you pick a niche. Don’t worry. In this article, I will give a list of niches. So you will find the most suitable & profitable niches for your blog.

Your knowledge & experience

If you don’t have any kind of knowledge or experience in a niche you fashion about, don’t select that niche. You will not be able to give 100% value to your visitors if you don’t have knowledge or experience about the topic.

If you plan to pick health niche, you must have a certificate that qualified to give information to other people. If you run a health website without those qualifications, you will not get services like Google AdSense.

So you must have knowledge about your niche.

Pick profitable niches

Profitable Niches

There have a lot of niches. But some of the niches are not profitable. As an example,

You create a blog about you. But you are not a famous person. So visitors will not come to your website. Also, advertisers will not give ads to your website.

So you will not make any profit on that website.

You have to pick a good and profitable niche if you are looking to earn money by blogging.

Identify the audience and ways to promote your website

You will not rank on Google when you create articles. Your website needs external traffic and social media signals to increase your domain authority and come on google results. In other words, you have to build backlink for your blog.

So you need to find places to promote your blog articles. Also, those places should have some audience. If you promote your article on places that not have an audience, you will not get any traffic.

If your blog topic is “Your Life”, you will not be able to promote it on social media or any other place. So you will not build backlinks.

Also, you have to understand the audience. Because if your niche target visitors under 18 years old. Most of the times, they don’t have credit cards or any other method to buy online.

So you will not sell any affiliate product to your audience. Also, advertisers will not give ads to that audience. So you must have to consider the audience.

Target country and language

Your website targeted country is really important when you try to find your niche. As an example,

You target Asian countries like India, Pakistan, or the Philippines.  But your niche is travel in Italy. So you will not get visitors from Asia to read about travel in Italy.

If your niche is travel in Italy, write the blog in English and target whole the world.

Also if you target country which doesn’t have a lot of online transaction, you will not make some good amount of money, even you select profitable niches.

I will give you a list of niches that help you to get a better idea and pick profitable niches.

The idea of website traffic and article writing

You should have an idea to build your blog. You can do it with WordPress without any knowledge of website creating. So feel free to watch this YouTube video playlist to create the website.

Also, you need to do on-page SEO when you write articles. Feel free to watch this video to check how to do on-page SEO.

List of niches & niche ideas

List of Niches

I hope now you have an idea about Select Suitable & Profitable Niches to build your blog. Now I am going to give you the list of niches and sub-niches of those niches. So you will able to get niche ideas, and it will help to select a suitable niche for you.

There have three main popular and profitable niches. Those are

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationship

Currently, those three niches have a huge audience. So if you target sub-niche from those three lists of niches, you will be a success when you add your full effort to it.

01. Health niche

Health niche is a high profitable niche. Also, it has a huge audience all around the world. So if you create articles sub-niche of health niche, you will able to make passive income.

Sub-niche ideas in the health niche

  • Skincare
  • Hair loss
  • Diabetes
  • Heart issues
  • Mental issues
  • Pains

What you should consider before pick health niche

You have to give a solution to health problems. So you must have the qualification to do this. If you don’t have any qualification, do not pick this niche. Maybe you will make some money on this niche. But you will risk another person life.

Ways to make money on a health niche blog

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Personal Consulting
  • Promote hospitals or clinics in your blog

2. Fitness and weight loss niche

Most online users try to find ways to weight loss and stay healthy. They may search for a new diet plan, workout routine, try to lost weight or try to gain weight.

So if you have a solution and you can help them. You will make online money on your fitness or weight loss website.

But currently, there has a lot of blogs and website around fitness and weight loss niche. It means competition is really high. So you have to pick sub-niche and create articles around that topic.

 Sub niche ideas in Fitness and Weight Loss Niche

  • Keto diet
  • Low-Carb diets
  • Vegan diet.
  • Home workouts
  • Intermittent fasting
  • HIIT workout
  • Workout schedule
  • Six-pack abs
  • Weight loss food recipes
  • Supplements
  • Tips to stay healthy
  • Yoga
  • Jogging
  • Gym equipment

There have a lot more sub-niches around Fitness and Weight Loss Niche. Do your research. You will find a lot more ideas.

How to make money on Fitness and Weight Loss Niche

  • Do online coaching
  • Sell a diet plan and workout schedule
  • Promote supplements
  • Promote affiliate products
  • Google AdSense

03. Dating and relationships niche

Younger people have access to the internet. So those people search for tips, tricks, and ways to make a relationship with someone. Both male and female are looking for dating. So this is another best niche to create an article.

Only you have to give the best advice that helps visitors to find solutions for their dating problems. but this is the best niche on all list of niches.

Sub niche of dating and relationships niche

  • Dating tips
  • Tips to be stylish
  • Dating advice
  • Advice for a healthy relationship
  • Tips to pick up girls
  • Deal with breakups
  • Dating app review
  • and many more

What you should consider before pick relationships niche

If you choose a dating niche, do not use any inappropriate words. Also, write articles that everyone can read without age restrictions (you know what I mean).

This is really important when you try to monetize your website with ads.

How to make money on dating and relationships niche

  • Write an eBook and sell it on website
  • Become dating advisor
  • Google AdSense
  • Promote affiliate products

04. Personal development niche

Guide to Select Suitable & Profitable Niches - List of Niches & Niche Ideas

A lot of people have issues like social anxiety, lack of confidence and low self-esteem. So they try to find the solution on the internet. So you can write an article to fix their problem and improve their personality.

Also, a lot of people find motivation for study, work, success and many more things. So you can motivate them on your blog.

You can write an article that helps them to their personal development. Make money on those articles. Personal development niche is another great niche in those list of niches.

Sub niche of personal development niche

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Stress management
  • Success tips
  • Meditation
  • Style tips
  • Grooming
  • Bodybuilding and fat loss
  • Tips to be happy
  • Law of attraction

And etc.

How to make money on personal development niche

  • Promote personal development books
  • Promote affiliate products
  • Google AdSense
  • Become an online personal trainer
  • Sell clothes online

05. Pets Niche

A lot of people love pets. So they try to find ways to improve their pet’s comfort and health. So they are looking for advice to make their pets clean and healthy.

This is your chance if you know about pets. Only you have to give solutions for comment problems.

Sub niche of pet niche

  • Dog care
  • Cats care
  • Dog types
  • Foods for pets
  • Tips to wash and clean pets
  • Pet’s health
  • Pet product review

So try to do your research and you will find more awesome ideas.

How to make money on pet niche

  • Promote pets products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google AdSense

06. Travelling niche

People love to travel. So they are looking for information before they start their travel. So you can give information about beautiful and famous places around the world.

If they like those places you reviewed, they will share your article with other people who interest in travelling that place.

So travelling niche is the best and easy niche to write an article. Only you have to write about your experience.

Sub niche of travelling niche

  • Target popular place (grand canyon, Italy, London )
  • Hiking places
  • Travelling equipment reviews
  • Places review
  • Prices review
  • Hotel reviews
  • Foods review
  • Tips for travelling

How to make money on travelling niche

  • Google AdSense
  • Promote hotels and services
  • Sell photos (promote links of your stock photo website)
  • Promote affiliate products that related to travelling
  • Promote eBook related to travelling

Those are the most profitable niches all the time.  And I highly recommend to pick one of the niches for this list of niches and build your blog around that niche and create articles.

When you do blogging for like 5-6 months, you will able to get visitors for your website. Feel free to check Free Traffic Sources – 3 High-Quality Traffic Sources article to get an idea about how to get traffic for your website.

Also, you have to get knowledge about SEO and keyword research. Feel free to watch this YouTube video list.

This is the complete guide to select suitable and profitable niches. I hope you get useful information in this article. Also, I think you get a list of niches and niche ideas to build your blog.

Thank you for reading. I will see you next time.

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