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Why No Traffic On My Website? Answers to Not Getting Traffic & Solution

A lot of bloggers are complaining about no traffic on my website. Also, they ask how to get traffic to a new website. In this article, I’m going to give answers to not getting traffic & I’ll give Solutions to fix this issue.

There have the most common mistakes bloggers do. Those mistakes directly affected to website traffic and bounce rate. So I will give you a full list of issues and solutions to those issues.

Apply those tips to your website, and you will never need to say no traffic on my website.

Quality of Content

Content quality is the first thing you must consider when you manage your blog. Most bloggers write an article without caring about quality. Even they write useful content. Users will not like to read it.

Check the below points. Those are the things that you should follow to improve the quality of your content.

Grammar mistakes Free

You must fix the grammar and spelling mistakes of your content. People come to your website for the read article. If you write an article without caring for grammar and spelling, they will not like to read your content.

There have two things that you can do to create a grammar mistake free article.

Use Grammarly

grammerly screen shot

Grammarly is a software that helps you to identify grammar issues and show how to fix those issues.

You can get Grammarly for free with limited features, but I highly recommended a monthly subscription. It works like magic.

How to use Grammarly?

You have to create an account on grammarly.com. Then you can get a monthly subscription, or you can use a free version. So after you create a Grammarly account, you have to log in to the account.

Then you have to download the “Grammarly for Chrome” extension. To do that, you need a Google chrome web browser.(search on google to find the extension) So after you install the extension, you will see the error and mistake of your article, when you go to your text editor on Google chrome.

You will see red color error indicators right side bottom corner of your text editor, so click on that indicator, and it will open a popup window.

You will see all the grammar and spelling mistakes in that popup screen (those issues will highlight in red or blue color). Also, it shows word suggestions, so you can easily replace wrong words with those suggestions.

It really cool software and easy to use. I highly recommended it.

Use Microsoft Word to Fix Grammar issues

After you use Grammarly, there may still have grammar issues. So you can fix those issues using Microsoft office word.

How to use Microsoft Word?

Open a new Word file and past your article to word file.

Then read line by line. If there has any kind of spelling mistake, it will show in red color. If there have any grammar issues, it will show in blue color.

So you can fix those words and paragraphs on word document and pest only that correction to your website article.

After you fix all, clear all text on Microsoft words and past article form website again. Then recheck grammar and spelling mistakes.

Do those two things to create spelling and grammar mistake free articles.

Useful information

Why No Traffic On My Website

Visitors come to your website to find an answer to some kind of question or learn about new things. So your content must be valuable, and you must give a solution to their questions in your article.

As example,

You read this article to find why your blog doesn’t have traffic and get solutions to those issues.

So I have to give solutions to those issues without wasting your time. So be a problem solver.

If you write about yourself on your blog, but if you are not a famous person, other people don’t want to find about you. So you will not get any visitors to your website. If you are lucky, your family members will visit your website.

So I hope you understand my point. Always give details that help to solve the problem of your website visitors. So they will love to read your content.

If it is really helpful to them, they will share your content. Also, they may read more articles on your website.


You have to take care of readability. If you write an article without care structure, website visitors will go away within a few seconds. So mainly you have to add headlines,  sub-headlines, paragraphs, images, and video.

When you apply those parts to your content, you will create eye-catching content. And it will easy to read and understand your content. So visitors will love to read and engage with your content.

Just compare two articles with all about the mentioned point, and without those things, you will see a clear difference.

Build a niche target website

I always tell to write niche targeted websites. As an example, if you write an article about traveling, so your website niche is travelling. But, you also add money investing articles to the same blog.

So visitors will come to looking for travel articles, but when they see investing articles, they will not interest in those articles. So they will not check the investing article on the traveling website.

So always target one niche on one blog. If you like to write more articles about other niches, start a new blog websites to each niche.

When your blog content has above mention issues, your website visitors will exit your website within a few seconds. So the bounce rate of your website will increase. That’s mean search engine will not trust your content.

Keyword Research

Profitable Niches

Most of the bloggers do not invest money or time in keyword searching. They don’t care about keywords when they write an article. So they will never rank their blog article on the search engines.

There has a lot of good and quality websites already rank on Google. So if you try to rank your website using those keywords, you will never go to the first page of Google.

So I will give you the one way that is the only answer for “how to get to the top of Google free” question.

Low difficulty keyword

You have to find low difficulty keywords before writing any kind of article. Keywords are really important to rank your website on google.

You can find low difficult keyword using keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Moz pro.

Feel free to watch this video to find out how to find a low difficulty keyword using Moz. You can get Moz pro account free for the first 30 days.

Keyword research tools are expensive. But if you can find a low difficulty keyword, you will rank your blog article on the first page of Google.

Try to find long-tail keywords. A lot of blogs and websites alredy rank on short keywords. So if you are new or your domain didn’t have a high domain rating, you will not rank your website on the search engines.


If you are a blogger you may familiar with the word of SEO. It means Search Engine Optimization. Without an SEO website, you will not get traffic to your website. So you must consider about SEO.

Check the below points. Those will help you to build and maintain SEO rich blog.

On-page SEO

Here are a few of on-page SEO rules.

Your targeted keyword must include on the main headline. Also, the targeted keyword must include in the first paragraph of the article.

When you create an article, you have to put your targeted keyword in paragraphs, headings, and subheadings. It means you have to mention it a couple of times.

Also, you have to add “Alt Tags” to all images. And make sure to add your targeted keyword on some of those images.

As I told before, your article readability should be crystal clear.

If you write your blog using WordPress, You can use the Yoast SEO plugin to check your articles are SEO friendly or not. So you don’t need to so much worry about above mention rules.

Yoast SEO plugin will indicate what you should fix in your article. Check this video to find out how to setup Yoast SEO plugin with your website.

Add webmaster tools

You have to add your website and sitemap to webmaster tools like Google, Bing, and Yandex. By doing that, you are informed about your site to search engines. So it helps to rank your blog or website faster on the search engines.

Most of the blogger doesn’t care about this step. But you must do this to get traffic faster. You have to let know about your website to search engines to get benefit from those search engines.

If you use the Yoast SEO plugin, you can add the Meta code easily.

Backlink building

You have to do off-page SEO to grow your website domain authority and website viewers. You will not get a significant amount of traffic if you don’t build backlinks to your website and get social media traffic.

I will give you the best ways to build backlinks to your website.

Build Web 2.0 Backlinks

Web 2.0 backlink means you write an article or comment, including your website URL, and post it on the website which allows you to create blog-posts and put comments.

medium.com, the blogger, WordPress blog are some of the most popular web 2.0 websites. Also, find forums that related to your niche and write posts and help other members while you build backlinks.

Guest posting is the best way to get web 2.0 backlinks. Check this video to find out how to do guest posting.

Always try free methods to build web 2.0 backlinks. It is highly effective way to get traffic and increase domain authority.

Backlinks from High Domain authority websites

Also, you can try to get backlinks form website which belongs to popular companies, universities, schools, and government website.

Those websites are trusted websites on the internet. If you can get backlinks form that kind of website, Search engines will trust your website too.

Try to get backlink form domain ends with .net, .org, .gov.

So when you try to build backlinks, you have to use websites that related to your niche. Also, avoid paid and spam websites.

Identify the best free traffic sourcesFree Traffic Sources

There have best free traffic sources you can get targeted visitors to your website. Social media is the best free traffic source that drives traffic to your website.

You can get traffic from Facebook groups, pages, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and other social media websites. Social media signals are really important to rank your website on search engines.

If you need instant website traffic, add your post URLs to mix.com and Reddit. Those are the fastest way to get instant traffic.

Also, you will get a lot of visitors when you build your brand on social media. I have two articles explaining about build brand and best free traffic sources.

Feel free to read Benefits of Branding to Establish an Online Business article and Free Traffic Sources – 3 High-Quality Traffic Sources article.

Those articles will help you to find the best free traffic sources. And you will get website visitors to take the next step. That is amortization. I will write another article to cover this step.

Do not buy traffic to your website. Paid traffic is not human traffic. Those are bots. If you buy traffic, the spam score of your website will increase, and domain authority will go down.

Also, do not buy backlinks from websites like Fiverr or other places, always use free traffic sources. Some guys sell traffic that calls high converting traffic, AdSense safe traffic and much more paid traffic. But don’t choose short cuts.

 User Experience

Some bloggers do all above mention topics correctly, but they don’t care about user experience. So visitors of their blog will exit within no time. Then they complain about no traffic on my website. So I will share you have to increase the UX of your website.

Website loading speed

I have one question for you.

Do you like to wait for 30 seconds to load a blog?

Most of the visitor’s answer is no. So they will go away from your website if your website is not loading faster. There has a lot of websites similar to your website. So they will find that same information on those websites.

So you have to fix the loading speed. You can use GTmetrix to measure website speed. Try to get your website loading speed at least 6 seconds.

If you use WordPress to build your website, you can do below things to speed up your website.

  • choose lightweight theme
  • try to reduce image size
  • use WP Fastest Cache plugin (it will minify HTML, CSS and JS files)
  • add lazy loader plugins to load images, and video

Check this video to find how I speed up my website

Website Responsiveness

Visitors come to your website using different devices. It may be a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. So your website must be comfortable with those all devices.

If your website will not load correctly in a mobile device, mobile users will exist on your website and never come again.

So when you build your blog, choose a responsive theme or template. Then you don’t need to worry about website responsiveness.

If your current theme is not responsive, remove it immediately and add a new theme.

Website navigations

Your website must have a clear navigation system. So visitors can go around your website. That is really important to keep stick visitors to your website.

So you can use the main menu, navigation bar, and you can put a link on content to go to another post. This is a highly effective way to keep users with your website. You can create a clean navigation system to go around your website categories, blog posts, and other pages. That will increase the engagement of your website.

Font size and color

You will get visitors of different ages to your website.  So your website font needs to be readable and big for all ages of visitors. So if some old visitor or visitor who has an issue with their eyes comes to your website, they will easily read when you have the big and readable font.

So pick good font family, font size, and space between the fonts.

Also, you have to consider the color of the website. If you use red or green color for the background, it will not get a pleasant look to visitors. So be careful when you pick a color to background and fonts.


Why No Traffic On My Website

So now, you have a perfect answer for why no traffic on my website. But still, you will not see traffic overnight. And don’t ask why my website is not number one on google after one week or month you create your website.

Because it takes time to rank your website on search engines and get traffic to your website.

So you have to be patient and be consistent with your blog. When you keep doing the above mentions things correctly, your website traffic will increase.

Wait at least 4-6 months to build massive daily traffic to your website.

Remember, no one success over the night. So keep persistent until you get viewers to your website.

This is the answer to how to get traffic to my website. So if you do this correctly, you no longer need to worry about website traffic. It will build over time.

Thank you for reading. I hope you get useful information on this article. Feel free to read my other blogging tips. Also, check my YouTube channel for more tutorials. I will see you next time.

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