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Free Traffic Sources – 3 High Quality Traffic Sources

There has a lot of free traffic sources. But most of the free traffic sources not drive any visitor to your website. Also most of the times we get a no-follow Back-link from those traffic sources.

But in this article, I will give you three best free traffic sources which you can drive high-quality traffic to your website from all over the world. Also, it will help to improve domain authority and page authority of your website.

01. Facebook

Facebook - free traffic sources

So far, Facebook is the best free traffic source you can use to drive traffic to your site. Most of that you don’t need to wait for months to grow the audience of your Facebook account. So you can start to drive traffic within one or three days using Facebook.

Also, social media signals will help you to rank your website on Google. You can create FB business page, the group also you can join with other groups related to your niche for drive free traffic. So I will show you step by step how you can get Facebook traffic.

Step 01: Create a New Facebook Account

Create a new FB account will help you to separate your profile form your website. Also If you want targeted traffic from countries like the USA or UK, Create a new FB account base on that country will help you to grab friends from targeted country.

Do not send any friend requests after you create your account. Just add a profile picture and cover image (you can get those images from royalty-free stock images website).

Step 02: Join with Facebook Groups

Now you can join with FB groups related to your niche. For example, think your niche is travelling. Search it on Facebook and click on the Groups tab. You will get a lot of travel page results.

So at the first time join 3-5 groups. After that increase that amount. But do not do it for 10-20 times at once. It will show as spam.

So you have to wait until that group admin approves your request. So you can do the next step until they accept it.

Step 03: Create a Facebook Page and Group

You can create your own Facebook page and group. So that is the best way to build your brand and make it famous. Creating a Facebook page and group is easy. If you want, I will make a video to show that process.

After you create your page and group, add memes, post and small articles. At this point, no-one will see your post. But don’t worry. We can promote our page on FB group.

Step 04: Interact with Facebook Groups

So now you are a member of some Facebook groups. Do not post your website link at first time on these groups. You can comment on other member post and react with others post.

In that way, you will be an active member of those FB groups.

Now add your first post on those groups. Remember, do not add your website link as the first time when you add the post. You may see pending approval message on some of the groups. But some of the groups will instantly appear your post on the group.

Now list down the groups which show your post without need approval. You can put your website link directly on this kind of groups because you don’t need to get permission to show your posts on that group.

Step 05: Grow Your Facebook Page

free traffic sources

So now you own page on Facebook. That means you are the admin. So you can post anything on your page. Now the challenge is, grab the audience to your page. That is so easy.

First of all, adds some posts to your page. Then create FB posts for share on the groups. Do not add your website link when you create those post.

So you can shear that post on those groups. The admins of those groups will approve your posts when you share a valuable post without include any links. When it appears there has button call “Like Page” so when someone clicks on that button, he will become a member of your page.

If someone interested in travel and your page has good content, that person will like your page.

Step 05: Drive Traffic From Facebook

Now you have FB page, and you join with Facebook group related to your niche. Also, you have a group list which you can post without getting approval.

So you can share your link on those places. When you add valuable content, visitors will click on the link of your page and come to your website.

Also, when you interact with other people, they will send a friend request to you. So they are your niche related people. Accept their invitation. After that, you can share your website URL in your profile.

About Facebook Traffic


So this is the best free traffic sources you can drive traffic quickly. You will get targeted traffic from Facebook.try to do this for one month. The Facebook traffic bounce rate of Facebook traffic is really low. Because you can drive targeted traffic from Facebook.

I highly recommend you to use Facebook traffic to drive a lot of visitors to your website.

Also, you can boost your post of the Facebook page by paying money. But you don’t need to do it. Also, google doesn’t like to paid traffic. Also, it may affect your Google AdSense account. So use this free method.

02. Guest Post

free traffic Sources

Guest post is another free traffic source. Which you can help to drive traffic. Not only that you will able to making back-links by doing quest post. That means it will help you to improve your website domain authority.

Guest posting meaning is, create an article for other popular website and add your website link on that article. That way, visitors will come to your blog via that guest post link.

So I will show you step by step about how to do a guest post and drive traffic.

Step 01: Find Guest Post Website.

You can find guest post website by searching google. But it not so accurate way. So you can use guest post groups to find the guest post website.

Go to your Facebook page and search “guest post” and click on the Groups tab. Then you will see a lot of guest post group. Join with those groups.

Free Traffic Sources

You will able to find a lot of posts about accept free guest post website that related to your niche. Also, you can search on the group using the keyword to see related guest post website.

Some of the websites accept free guest post. Some site doesn’t take the free guest post. But we only care about the free guest post website.

Step 02: Contact Owner of The Website

After you find the website, you can contact that post owner and inform your article. You can do it via messenger. Then the owner of the site will tell you how you can submit your post to his website.

Explain about your article and let him know the word count of your article and title of the post. After that, ask below questions when you contact the website owner.

  • How many back-links allow to put on the article?
  • Are those back-links do-follow or no-follow?
  • How can I submit your content?
  • How long will it take to publish your content?

If you don’t get at least one do-follow back-link do not give your article to him. Always act like you already have a guest post.

Step 03: Check Guest Post Website Domain Authority

Domain Authority

You must check that website domain authority before you submit your content. Because you will just waste your time by creating a post if that domain doesn’t have domain authority. So check domain authority using tools like Moz, Ahref.

I suggest you submit your articles if that website has more than 12+ domain authority.

Step 04: Write Content to That Website

You can write content as you want related to your niche. When you write article always make sure to use the Yoast SEO plugin to do on-page SEO. Also, write an post more than 600 words.

If you write an article like 1500 words, you can put your website link in 3-4 times. Put your link at one time on the guest post, if you write a guest post only 600 words.

As example,

If you write a guest post about the tower of Pisa. And your blog has an article about travel in Italy. You can add that link on your guest post. That way, the visitor will click that link and direct to your website.

Step 05: Submit Your Content

After you write an article, you can submit it to that website owner via email or that website owner’s preferred way. After that, he will publish your article on his website and let you know.

This method is an excellent way to drive free traffic to your website.

03. YouTube

youtube free traffic Sources

YouTube is another excellent free traffic sources, not only that you can build your brand using YouTube. Build a website brand is essential when we think to blog as a long term journey.

I am not talking add your website link as a comment on other YouTuber video. I am talking about creating your YouTube channel related to your site.

It will take time to drive free traffic from YouTube to your website. But it will worth to create your channel on YouTube. Because you can monetize your video and you will able to make money on YouTube.

So getting YouTube traffic is so easy. If you are not comfortable with the camera, you don’t need to show your face. You can create a small video with pictures or free stock videos. After that, you can do voice-over to that video.

As example,youtube free traffic Sources

If your niche is travel, and you want to create a video about Italy. But you never visit Italy, or you don’t have any videos. No need to worry. You can get royalty-free videos about Italy for a website like Pexels. So you can make compilation video using those clip.

After that, you can add royalty-free sounds also you can do voice over if you want.

Then you can publish it on YouTube. After that, you can add your website link in the description. Also, you can add it as a comment and pin it.

That way, the YouTube viewer will click on that link and come to your website. YouTube is an enormous platform. So get the advantage of YouTube.

So those are the Free Traffic Sources. I use those methods to drive traffic to my websites. I hope you get valuable information in this article. Thank you for reading. I will see you next time. If you have any questions, let me know by adding a comment.


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