how to make money from adsense without website

How to Make Money from AdSense Without Website

Do you want to know how to make money from AdSense without website? I will show you the best and easy ways to make money using Google AdSense without your website, and those methods are 100% free and legit ways.

What is Google AdSense?

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First of all, I will briefly explain Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a network program run by Google.  A lot of business owners and product vendors use Google AdSense to promote their service. Those advertisements are maintaining and manage by the Google AdSense program.

So we can partner with Google AdSense, and they allow us to show those advertisements on our websites. Then google will pay-per-click and per-impression.

If you have an audience and traffic to your website, you can earn a good amount of money with Google AdSense.

How to Make Money from AdSense without Website?

If you have a blog website, you can place those ads on your website. But if you don’t have a website, still there has legit and quality ways to earn money from AdSense. So I will show you how to make money from AdSense without a website.

AdSense with YouTube

YouTube is the best way to make money from AdSense without a website. Also, you can make money with AdSense and YouTube more than you earn from AdSense with your website.

Benefits of YouTube

  • You can start YouTube for free.
  • YouTube is a video search engine. So only you need to create valuable and engaging content.
  • Your videos will earn you consistent money. Even you stop upload videos.
  • You can reach more people and build their trust.
  • You can monetize your channel using different ways.

Tips to Start YouTube Channel

It is so easy to create a YouTube channel. There have a lot of tutorials about creating a YouTube channel. So I’m not going to talk about how to create a YouTube account.

But there have a few things you must consider when you create a YouTube channel to earn money using AdSense.

Select a Niche

A lot of people miss this part. If you want to make money online in any platform, you must select a niche, and you have to stick with that niche.

Click here to check more about niche ideas.

As an example, if we select our niche as fitness. Always upload fitness video on to your channel. If you upload traveling videos on a fitness channel, your audience will not like it, and you will not be able to build a targeted audience.

So always stick with one niche. For example, make money online is the niche of my YouTube channel. So I will not upload videos not related to making money online.

Fill everything

When you create a YouTube channel, you have to choose a name. You can add a name related to your niche. It not required. If you want, you can add your name.

Also, fill all the mentioned sections below.

  • Add logo and banner
  • Fill About section
  • Add channel tags
  • Add branding icon
  • Select YouTube channel based country

Try to create videos in English

If you can create videos in English, you will able to target a huge audience. So always try to create your videos in English. It will help you to grow fast. Also, AdSense revenue is high.

Requirements to Monetize YouTube Channel

how to make money from adsense without website

You can’t monetize your YouTube channel when you start it. There have some requirements to make AdSense money on your YouTube channel. Those are,

  • 1000 subscribes
  • 4000 watch hours of your overall videos within the past 12 months

When you complete those requirements, you will able to make money using Google AdSense without a website.

It looks like a huge number and takes a long time. But don’t disappoint. Because you can make money using other methods like,

So you don’t need a lot of audiences when you build a niche targeted YouTube channel. You can earn money using about mention ways with a small audience.

Tips for creating YouTube video

You may not like to talk to the camera, and you may hesitate to create videos. But you don’t need to talk to the camera. There has a lot of ways to create videos without showing your face.

You can create whiteboard animation videos. It so easy and only you need to add voice to the video. Also, there have a lot of other tools to create videos without showing your face.

Also, you can do screen recording and create tutorial videos.

There have many more ways to create a video without showing your face. So do some research you will find ways to create an excellent video without spending a lot of time or energy.

Tips to publish videos

YouTube is a video search engine. So you have to consider about SEO. That means you have to find low difficulty keywords and add SEO friendly description and title. Also, you have to add tags to your videos. Those things will help you to get organic traffic.

You can use the vidIQ tool to find low difficulty keywords, and you can get tags from other channels. I will create videos about this and explaining more about this topic.

Also, add an eye-catching custom thumbnail to each and every video. Don’t forget to add the end screens and cars too.

Blogging Vs YouTube: what is better?

how to make money from adsense without website

You can earn consistent income with this both ways. If you start YouTube, you can do it with $0. in other words, without any investment. Only you need some kind of skill or talent and a mobile phone. You have to invest some money to start blogging. Because you have to buy a domain and hosting, then if you don’t know about creating a blog, you have to pay for someone to develop a website.

You need passion and consistency to see results in both ways. So it no matter you chose one from blogging vs YouTube. You have to keep grinding until you see the result.

There have bloggers who make a lot of money with their website and AdSense. Also, there have some bloggers who don’t make any dollar by blogging.

Also, there has Youtuber who makes a ton of money with AdSense. Also, there has some Youtuber who don’t make any money on their channel.

I don’t 100% correct answers to pick one from blogging vs YouTube.

In my experience, you need to work at least 6-8 months on both YouTube and blogging website to see results. When you stable on those platforms and build the audience, you will able to make more AdSense money on YouTube.

But again, it depends on your niche and the size of your audience.

Also, you can create long videos to make more AdSense money on YouTube. When you create a long video, you will able to place ads a few times on your videos.

The best reply for how to make money from AdSense without a website is YouTube platform and become a Youtuber. Also, there have a few other ways.


Profitable Niches

If you are a beginner and you don’t have money to spend, you can use the Blogger platform to build a blog. This platform own by Google. You can use it for free, and it so easy to customize.

If you passionate about one subject and like to become content create, use blogger, and monetize it with Google AdSense. But it not easy to get AdSense to blogger account as getting AdSense to your website.

Are you recommended it?

If you have $0 in your hands, try blogger to start your blogging journey, when you make some money you will able to transfer your account to another hosting.

If you have money to invest in your blogging jury, I do not recommend a blogger platform to do blogging. Start your own website. When you start your own website, you are the boss and admin of your website. You can do anything on your website.

Revenue Sharing Sites

There has some revenue sharing sites that you can write content on those websites and get paid to your AdSense account. But I never try to do it. So I don’t have an idea about this topic.

Do your research and check this method. But I can’t recommend anything about it.

So this is the complete answer to how to make money from AdSense without a website. YouTube is my number one recommendation. Don’t wait. Start today. Six-eight months from today, you will thank me a lot if you start YouTube today.

Always you have to be consistent even you don’t have a huge audience. Also remember, AdSense is one online income source. There have a lot of online income sources. If you create an audience around your brand, you can earn more money.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to check my other online money methods. I will see you next time.

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