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Read Before Start Affiliate Marketing Business

Read this article before start affiliate marketing business. 99% of people failed at affiliate marketing. Because everyone thinks affiliate marketing is an easy and fast way to make money online.

So they try to make money by sharing affiliate links everywhere. But when they don’t see the result they just give up.

First of all no matter how old this article, if you want to make money via affiliate marketing, those points will help you to get started and those points will never get expired.

Think as a Long Term Business and Build Your Brand

 Start Affiliate Marketing Business

Don’t try to share your affiliate links on social media, forums, or any other places. It is just a waste of your time. Maybe you make a few dollars by spamming your affiliate link everywhere, it just temporary money. And you will not able to make money consistently.

So instead of spamming your affiliate link, create ways to grab a targeted audience. If you have a target audience, you will able to promote affiliate products to your audience.

Basically, you can create Facebook pages, groups, an Instagram business account, a Pinterest account, a YouTube channel, or a blog. Using those media, you can build your brand.

So when you share valuable information, people will grab around your brand. Then you will be able to promote niche-targeted affiliate products to those people and make money.

Try to Do High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people try to promote affiliate products and make a ton of money by promoting products that have a small percentage of affiliate commission, or low-cost products.

As an example, if you promote a low-cost product via Amazon Associate you have to make at least 50 sales to earn $10 commission.

But if you try to promote high ticket products that have a high-profit margin, even you make only one sale per month, you will earn more than selling cheap products.

High ticket affiliate marketing will worth your time and hard work. Check this video to find high ticket affiliate programs.

Give Value before Sell Anything

When you build your audience around your brand, always give value before selling anything. Share daily content that entertains or helps your followers. Then you will able to build an engaging and trusted social media account.

After that, you can promote your affiliate link to those people without making your account spam.

Promote Only Legit Affiliate Products

pros and cons of blogging

There have a lot of spam affiliate products, so before you promote any product, do the background check, and promote only legit products.

You can find the quality of the product by checking customer’s reviews about that product. When you try to find the quality of the product, don’t check reviews that have affiliate links to the product (promote the product by reviewing). because if someone reviews the product and places the affiliate link, he only tries to promote the product.

Collect Emails and Build Your Email List

Don’t directly share your affiliate link on social media. Instead, you can build a landing page and collect emails from people who try to check your affiliate product.

So when you build an email list, you can promote products to those people again and again.

At first, I didn’t create an email list. This is a huge mistake I did because I am able to promote that product only for one time.

If I have an email list, I can do email marketing and promote the products. So don’t do the mistakes that I did before.

Here is a complete video to build an email list.

Don’t Trust Online Gurus

Unfortunately, there have a lot of gurus who try to make money via affiliate marketing; mainly they are bloggers and YouTubers.

So they tell you about some spam service and promote that product. Or they try to promote useless courses.

I’m, not saying each and every YouTuber or Blogger is a bad person, but do your research before trust any guru.

Because if you follow spam service or course without checking the quality of that service, you will only lose your time, money, and hard work. So do your research before trust anyone.

Tip for Make Fast Money via Affiliate Marketing

If you want fast and easy money via affiliate marketing, Invest money to promote affiliate products. There has a lot of legit ways to do advertising. Some are,

Check this video to get a small idea.

However, Do your research and invest your money wisely.

So those are the things you must consider before start affiliate marketing business. I hope you get valuable information from this article, thank you for reading. Feel free to read my other make money online articles, I will see you next time.


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