Sentinel Logistics damaged delivery reporting flow.

Project duration:

August 2023 to September 2023

My Role:

UX designer leading the Sentinel Logistics damage delivery reporting flow design.


Sentinel Logistics is a logistic company. This is a damaged delivery reporting flow for customers to report damages when they are not satisfied with or have damages to the delivery.


Sentinel Logistics did not have a proper damage delivery reporting process. Previously, customers had to report damages via email.


Create a website for a damage delivery reporting flow. This will help customers have a proper way to submit their damage delivery reports.

Understanding the user


I conducted user interviews and turned them into empathy maps to better understand the target customers and their needs. I discovered that many target customers wanted to submit damage delivery reports, but the process was poor. Customers were unable to find the status of their report, and there was not a correct structure for sending a delivery report. This frustrated many target customers and made them more angry about the order and the delivery report submitting process.

Pain points

Not available

Customers cannot check the status of their delivery reports.


Customers cannot find the damage delivery reporting flow on the website.


Customers cannot submit a damage delivery report without logging in.

Problem statement:

Nina is a fashion designer who uses a logistics company to deliver Asian fashion items. She loves Asian traditional fashion, but she has had difficulty reporting damages to her deliveries. In the past, she has had to wait days for a response from customer service, and she has often been frustrated by the process.

“I am a fashion designer who loves to explore new ideas related to Asian traditional fashion.”

Nina Andres

Age: 34
Education: Degree holder.
Hometown: San Jose, CA.
Family: Live with partner.
Occupation: Fashion designer.



Nina is a fashion designer who uses a logistics company to deliver Asian fashion items from local stores and overseas. She often receives damaged items due to delivery issues, so she wants to make the delivery process smoother and find a way to report damaged deliveries to the company.

User journey map

Persona: Nina

Goal: Submit a damage delivery report, chat with agents, and find the status of the report.

ACTION Find the way to submit a damage delivery report Explain the issue Get response from agent Check report status Resolve the issue
A. Check out the options to submit the report.
B. Try to send an email or get a phone call with an agent.
A. Write an email about the damage to the delivery.
B. Attach documents/photos about the damage.
A. Wait for the agent's reply.
A. Call or email the agent to know about the status of the report.
A. Get the solution or money back from the logistics company.
Unsure and not trusting of customer support.
Sad about the situation.
Not sure about the process.
Frustrated about waiting.
Eager to know the result.
Happy about the reply.
Not sure how to resolve the issue.
Frustrated about the time and lack of information.
Happy about the final result.
Create a damage delivery report flow as a subdomain of the Sentinel Logistics website.
Create a form to fill out, with a way to select or check the order, add attachments, and add notes.
Create a chat box for the submitted damage delivery report.
how the current status of the damage delivery report.
Add a "Mark as resolved" feature.
Create a way to get feedback about the process.

I created a user journey map of Nina's experience using the site to help identify possible pain points and improvement opportunities.​

Starting the design


I created a sitemap to organize the information on the website and make it easy for users to find what they need.

Digital wireframes

Way to check the current status of the reports.

Easy way to add a damage delivery report.

I created digital wireframes to understand how the redesign could help address user pain points and improve the user experience.

Digital wireframe screen size variation(s)

Home Page

Desktop version

Mobile version

About Us Page

Desktop version

Mobile version

FAQ Page

Desktop version

Mobile version

I created multiple wireframe screen sizes to accommodate different devices.

Interactive Low-fidelity prototype

I created a low-fidelity prototype to test the user flow and get feedback from users.

Usability study



These were the main findings uncovered by the usability study:


Users can submit and check report details without logging in.

Need help

Users would like to have support options such as call or live chat.

Chat box

Users would like to have a chat box on the view report page.

Refining the design


Based on the findings from the usability study, I made the following changes to the design:

Before usability study

User can check "My Report" without login.

After usability study

User must login to check the "My Report".

Added a login page for users who want to check or submit reports.

Before usability study

Not have a "Need Help" section

After usability study

Added a "Need Help" section

Added a "Need Help" section to the single report page so that customers can send messages to agents about the status or other details of their reports.

Before usability study

Not have a message section.

After usability study

Added a message section.

Before usability study, app didn’t have “Message” section on single report page. After usability study, I added message section, So customer can send message to agent about the status or other details

High-fidelity mockups

Home Page

Desktop version

Mobile version

FAQ Page

Desktop version

Mobile version

Interactive High-fidelity prototype

This hi-fi prototype followed the same user flow as the lo-fi prototype, and included the design changes made after the usability study, as well as several changes suggested by members of my team.

Accessibility considerations


Our target customers shared that the design was intuitive and easy to use to submit a damage delivery report. Additionally, customers were able to check more information and the status of their delivery reports.

What I learned

I learned that having a flow is a more structured way to get resolved issues easily and that make customers happy. The main takeaway is to focus on the customer and listen to them.

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