How to get first customers on Fiverr? A lot of sellers struggle to get their first order on Fiverr. Nowadays there has high competition on Fiverr. Most of the time, those sellers will give up when they didn’t get their first order.

In this article, I will show you legit ways to get the first sale on Fiverr. Read those valuable tips and apply them. You will able to start a successful Fiverr journey and able to make money online.

Essential Things to Increase Fiverr Impressions?

How to Get First Customers on Fiverr

Here are some essential tips to increase Fiverr gig impressions and get first customers on Fiverr. Most of the sellers ignore this essential stuff. But without complete those essential parts, you will not be able to get the first sale on Fiverr in an organic way.

100% Complete Your Profile

First of all, Fiverr is a business. So you have to treat it as a business. That is the first thing you have to understand. Then you can ask how to get first customers on Fiverr.

That means you must 100% complete your profile. Try to follow this step.

Username of Fiverr Account

When you create Fiverr account, choose a username related to your niche (service you provide on Fiverr)

Enter 100% correct information. As an example, Lot of Asian sellers select their country as the United States. Don’t do it because you will not get any different when you choose a country like the US. Always, enter the correct information.

Place Holder

Enter professional and eye-catching place holder. Make sure to describe the services you provide when they read that place holder.

Fiverr profile description

Enter easy to understand the Fiverr profile description. In that description, you can explain your service type and working experience that you have.


Add skills only that related to the service that you provide. As an example, if you do graphic design, don’t add skills like web development.

Education and certification

If you have education and certification that related to service you provide on Fiverr, defiantly add those details.

Stay Online

You have to stay online to get more impressions on your gigs because the Fiverr search filter has a button called “online”. When a buyer searches service, he can choose that button and filter sellers who currently stay online.

There has a Fiverr seller app for both android and apple users. You can install that app and stay online. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a smartphone, you can log in to the Fiverr seller account via a web browser and open it on a new window.

When you stay online via a browser, you will get a beep sound when you get a message or order from buyers on Fiverr.

If you ask how to get first customers on Fiverr. you must dedicate your time to complete above mention points.

Complete Free Training

fiverr free courses

Currently, Fiverr has a learning section called, Learn from Fiverr. There have a lot of valuable courses. Most of those courses are not free. But there has one course called, “Online Freelancing Essentials: Be A Successful Fiverr Seller

When you complete this course, you will get a complete idea about Fiverr. Also, when you pass the test, Fiverr will give a badge to your profile.

It’s a totally free course, so give a try and earn the badge.

Optimize gig

Before you create a gig, check other seller’s gigs that related to service you sell on Fiverr. Then get some ideas from those gigs. But don’t copy their description and images. Copy the idea of gig and reverse-engineer a better version of that gig.

When you write the Fiverr gig description, mention your service a few times on that description. Don’t do it too many times. Basically, try to create SEO friendly gig description. Always create it as easy to read and understand to buyers.

You can add three gig images. So add all three gig images. Make sure it professional and eye-catching.

Also, if you want you can add gig video too.

Not only that, but you can also fill the FAQ section with questions that most commonly ask.

Create All 7 Gigs

create fiverr gig

As a new seller, you can create seven gigs on Fiverr. But most of the sellers are not create seven gigs. That is a huge mistake. They can get more exposure on Fiverr if they create all seven gigs.

Those are the features that Fiverr gave us to boost our Fiverr account impression and get the first sale. So try to create all seven gigs.

Complete Skill Test

Fiverr have a skills test. You can participate in those exams and complete the test. When you pass the test, that score will show on your profile.

It will help to recognize your skill levels to buyers. It’s totally free. Try to complete those exams related to your service.

Send Buyer Request

As a new seller, you will not get a lot of buyer request. But you will get some buyer requests for a day. So always try to check buyer request. If there are available buyer requests, Respond to those requests. Hopefully, you may get sales.

Even you don’t get sales that buyer will check your profile and if there has some service that he interested in that gig, he may buy it.

I must tell, I am not a big believer in buyer request. There has high competition. So sometimes over 40 sellers respond to one buyer request for the lowest price.

But don’t ignore the power of buyer requests. If buyer requests are available, respond to them.

How to increase Fiverr impressions?

fiver impression

If you asked how to get first customers on Fiverr, I think you miss some of the above-mentioned points. In my experience, if you do above mentioned essential stuff, you will get the order within two-three months.

Because those tips help to grow your Fiverr account organically and it increases impressions of your Fiverr account. As I told before, Fiverr is a business, so you have to treat it like a business.

A lot of new sellers complain Fiverr is no longer working, new sellers can’t get orders on Fiverr and list goes so long. But I’m telling you. Those all are lies and excuses.

If you check their account, they only create one or two gigs, and their profiles are not completed. Also, they do not stay online. That is the reason to not get any sales.

Use Social media

social media benefits of branding

Most of the sellers wait to get Fiverr organic traffic to their gig and eventually get first customers on Fiverr. Unfortunately, there has a lot of competition on Fiverr.

So it is not a too easy thing to get Fiverr organic traffic. But there have more ways to get traffic to your Fiverr account. Social media is the best way to get targeted traffic.

You can build your brand around Fiverr service and create social media account like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook pages. Then you can upload content related to your service.

As an example, if you are a graphic designer, you can create flyers, photo retouching, banner, logos, business card, and other stuff related to graphic design.

If you are a voice-over artist, you can create YouTube videos related to voice over, not only that. You can upload them on Instagram account.

When you manage social media accounts, you can add your Fiverr gig URL on the description of those social media accounts. Then you can add a little description and ask to buy the gig.

This is the best way to get traffic to your Fiverr gig. There has a lot more benefits when you do this. Most importantly, a lot of sellers work cheap to get more sales on Fiverr. But if you build your brand on social media, you don’t need to work cheap to get orders. Because you already established your brand and your brand has a value.

If you build your brand correctly and grab the target audience you no longer need to think how to get first customers on Fiverr because you can get orders from that targeted audience.

Create Portfolio

If you are a seller on Fiverr, you must have a portfolio. Because most of the time, buyers ask your previous works. Because they want to confirm you are the right person or not.

If you don’t have a portfolio, 99% of the time, you will not get the job. Even you got the job. They will not pay for a reasonable amount to your service.

So if you manage social media account and only upload content related to your service, you can give URL of that account. No need to give anything else.

Also, you can create a portfolio website, Flickr account, or use any other platform to publish your showcase.

Make Changes to Fiverr Gig

You can check impressions and clicks of your gigs in the Fiverr dashboard. if there have gigs that not perform well. I mean, if there have gigs that don’t have enough impression, you can delete those gigs and create new gig related to that old gig.

Basically, if you don’t get an order for your gig within 3-4 months, delete it and recreate a new gig related to the same service.

When you create a new gig, the impression on that gig will increase.

I must mention, I don’t know about Fiverr algorithm, and I’m not working on Fiverr. This is my personal experience.

So give it a try and see what happens.

Find Low Competition Category

How to Get First Customers on Fiverr - Services

There have a lot of categories to become a seller on Fiverr. But most categories are already crowded, and there have already established sellers in some categories.

As a new seller, it hard to get sales on those categories, As an example, if you creative logo design gig, you will not get orders, because it has high competition.

So you have to find low competition categories. There have still low competition categories that less than 1000 gigs published.

So if you create a gig on those low competition categories, there has a high chance to get orders from that category.

Improve your skill

You must need the skill to work on Fiverr, So currently you don’t have a skill, you are just waste your time. Even you get your first customer. You have to deliver high-quality work. Because if those customers add negative feedback on your service. As a new seller, it is the end of the story.

So try to improve high-income skill and provide quality service. Then you will able to build long term partnerships. If you follow this step, you will get orders. So be ready to complete those orders and earn a good amount of money.

Things to Avoid on Fiverr

Guide to Select Suitable & Profitable Niches - List of Niches & Niche Ideas

Avoid Fake Orders

Some sellers try to add fake orders to their gigs and get reviews. So there have some people who give fake orders. But those people’s accounts are not legit. They create those accounts to give fake orders. You will get five start reviews via that fake order. But if it seems fake to Fiverr, you will lose your account.

Also, those people who give fake order, charge more money to do it. Also, they can’t give a guaranty that you will get orders after you get a review. Most of the time, you will lose your money.

I don’t recommend getting fake orders from those people who manage fake accounts to give reviews.

Somehow If you want to get the review, contact your friend who already makes money on Fiverr or contact some buyer who already you know. if you can get a review from a country like the US, UK. That review is more powerful.

But don’t try to get a fake review from people who sell fake reviews.

Don’t contact sellers

Some new sellers send messages to other sellers and ask to buy a service from that new seller. If you do it, stop it today because it is so annoying. Most of the time, they will report your account. Then Fiverr will ban your account. Finally, you will not make any sales.

Also, some new sellers create buyer to request and ask to buy their service. it against the terms and conditions of Fiverr. So don’t get risk like that.

Those all are only waste your time. So stops do it.

I’ll list other mistakes that new sellers do and banned from Fiverr.

  • don’t create multiple accounts
  • Don’t give your account link to others. Because they can report your account when they know it’s your account.
  • sell service only if you know about the subject
  • Set gig delivery date at least two days. If you add one-day delivery somehow you not able to deliver the job, it will affect your account.

Check this video to find why I hate Fiverr 😀

Conclusion of how to get first customers on Fiverr

This is the conclusion of how to get first customers on Fiverr. Try to follow the above mentioned legit tips. Then over time, you will build your brand and able to sell your service.

I personally use those tips to get sales on Fiverr. It is only hard to get the first ten sales, after you get the first ten sales; you will become a level one seller and get many more orders.

Always think Fiverr as a long term business and manage social media account to get long term results.

Thank you for reading. If you apply those tips and get results on Fiverr, let me know in the comment section. I love to hear about your success story. Also, if you have any kind of question, let me know. Feel free to check my other make money online articles.

Also, I have a YouTube channel, check the cool video on my YouTube channel.