Food review app for SwiftBites Bakery.

Project duration:

June 2023 to July 2023

My Role:

UX designer designing an app for SwiftBites bakery from conception to add review and on-pickup order features.

SwiftBites Bakery app


SwiftBites is an app for customers of the local bakery to quickly choose healthy and nutritious foods. SwiftBites Bakery offers a variety of baked goods, and its customers want to be able to find the right food quickly.



Design an app for SwiftBites bakery that allows users to:

Understanding the user


I conducted interviews and created empathy maps to gain a better understanding of the users. One of the primary user groups identified through this research was working adults who prefer not to try fast foods without knowing their quality beforehand. This user group confirmed our initial assumption about SwiftBites Bakery customers. However, research also revealed that:

Pain points


There is no way to check quality before ordering.


Working people are busy and don’t like to waste time picking the correct product.


Lack of information about the calories and what is contained in the food.


Users like to check reviews before trying new foods.

Understanding the user

Problem statement:

Joseph is a freelance web developer who needs more information about food because he doesn’t like to eat unhealthy foods or try new foods without knowing what they are.

“I like to deliver top-notch service to my clients and I love to eat food.”

Joseph Hawthorne

Age: 37
Education: BSc in Computer Science.
Hometown: Portland, Oregon.
Family: Lives with partner.
Occupation: Freelance Web Developer.



Joseph is a freelance web developer who always tries to deliver quality work for his clients. He loves to eat food, but he doesn't like to try new foods. He enjoys eating high-quality foods with his partner, but if he doesn't like the food that he eats, it will upset him. Even though he loves to eat, he likes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So he wants to get an idea about the calorie count of the food he eats.

Problem statement:

Ashly is a busy police officer who needs to pick energetic foods quickly and easily because finding the correct food takes too much time.​

“I want to become a reputable police officer and help citizens live safely.”

Ashly Blake

Age: 28
Education: High School Diploma( Follow a degree)
Hometown: Portland, Oregon.
Family: Lives alone
Occupation: Police Officer



Ashley is a police officer with a busy schedule. She has limited time to pick the right food, but she wants to stay energetic throughout the day. Eating some foods makes her feel less energetic, so she wants to understand what is contained in the food.

User journey map

Persona: Ashly

Goal: Quickly and easily pick the right food.

ACTION Check the menu Select good food Consider Portion Sizes Submit order Pick up order
A. Review the bakery's menu and food categories.
B. Identify food items that provide sustained energy throughout the day.
A. Ask bakery staff for recommendations.
B. Avoid excessive sugary foods.
C. Find beverages that match the foods.
A. Get an idea of the portion size.
B. Select the correct portion size.
A. Place the order with the bakery staff.
B. Specify customizations.
C. Wait for the bakery staff to prepare the order.
A. Check that the order is correct.
B. Pick up the order.
Stressed about find energetic foods.
Stressed about asking recommendations.
Disappointed when there is not informations about foods.
Worried about the food is enough or too much.
Anxious about time.
Relieved the selecting good food.
Create a dedicated food review app for SwiftBites Bakery.
Clearly label and organize the food categories in a logical way.
Introduce a user-based 5-star rating system via the review app.
Encourage users to share their own food recommendations.
Mention the number of portion sizes needed for a single customer.
Create a way to place custom orders via the app and send a message to the app when the order is ready.
Encourage customers to add reviews to their orders about the food they purchased.

Mapping Ashly’s user journey revealed how helpful it would be for users to have access to a dedicated SwiftBites Bakery item review app.​

Starting the design

Paper wireframes

Taking the time to draft iterations of each screen of the app on paper ensured that the elements that made it to digital wireframes would be well suited to address user pain points.

Digital wireframes

On the homepage, there are categories of recommended and popular foods based on feedback from user research.

In user research, I found that users want to find more details and reviews to assess the quality of food.

This app has an on-pickup order feature.

Users can easily and quickly add reviews to the foods they have ordered.

Interactive Low-fidelity prototype

Usability study: findings

In the usability study I found 3 issues.

Refining the design


In the early designs, the app didn’t have a way to describe how to use the QR code. After the usability test, I added an answer popup that explained how to use the QR code.

Before usability study

After usability study

"How to use the QR code" popup box will popup when user click on it.

In the low-fidelity usability study, there were three rating items to select. After the usability study, I reduced this to one rating item and made it easier to add reviews.​

Before usability study

After usability study

Quick and easy rating system.

High-fidelity mockups

High-fidelity prototype

The final high-fidelity prototype presented cleaner user flows for selecting the best foods and adding on-pickup orders. It also had a feature to share reviews for the foods.

Accessibility considerations


The app makes it easy for users to place orders and quickly pick up their favorite foods. It also gives users access to images, details, calorie counts, reviews, and the ability to add their own reviews.

What I learned

This was the first UX design project that I completed in the Google UX Design Course. I was excited to learn and apply what I had learned to this project. While designing the SwiftBites app, I learned that bias can have a huge impact on design and that usability studies can provide valuable feedback.

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